Industrial Transformation

What Is Industry 4.0 ?
Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, the concept of the “smart factory”. The first time that “Industry 4.0” was mentioned where A German government memo released in 2013.
The first was the steam engine in the late 18th century, which allowed for mechanize production. Followed by electric power and the production line for mass production of goods in the late 19th century. Coming to around the 1970’s, the third industrial revolution known as the digital revolution and this was when we moved away from analog and mechanical devices to digital electronics. This era gave birth to the personal computer and the internet. Now we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.
Industry 4.0 is the label given to the gradual combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world around us.
This includes using large-scale M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to help manufacturers and consumers alike provide increased automation, improved communication and monitoring, along with self-diagnosis and new levels of analysis to provide a truly productive future.
Factories will become increasingly automated and self-monitoring as the machines within are given the ability to analyze and communicate with each other and their human co-workers, granting companies much smoother processes that free up workers for other tasks.
Smart factories, which will be at the heart of Industry 4.0, will take on board information and communication technology for an evolution in the supply chain and production line that brings a much higher level of both automation and digitization. It means machines using selfoptimization, self-configuration and even artificial intelligence to complete complex tasks in order to deliver vastly superior cost efficiencies and better quality goods or services.
Your Future With ZollerIndustry 4.0
How Can ZOLLER Improve Your Machining Processes Of The Future?
Industry 4.0 is widely regarded as the fourth industrial revolution, introducing advanced cyber-physical systems that support your physical processes and make decisions based on these. Creating what has been labelled a Smart Factory whereby systems can communicate and cooperate, carrying out automated data exchange in manufacturing technologies
As the industry expert in tool presetting and measurement equipment, ZOLLER is ever-evolving and so are their solutions. ZOLLER has already taken steps to provide its current and prospective customers with the very latest and most advanced technology available worldwide, so that they are leading the way into the fourth industrial revolution with advanced cyber-physical developments to aid your tooling processes and help you to make a Smart Factory through implementation of smarter manufacturing processes. Here are some of the things ZOLLER is working on to improve your products.
Providing You With The Tools Of Tomorrow Working
Closely with a number of other companies as well as the Technical University of Darmstadt, ZOLLER is in the process of developing Smart Tools. These tools will eliminate search time through the ability to report their specific storage location, they will be able to store parameters and issue warning signals prior to exceeding limits avoiding subsequent crashes. These tools are being specifically designed to communicate directly with the machine.
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Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Today
These new developments combine and allowing your machining processes to transcend into the future of manufacturing with ZOLLER. Industry 4.0 will introduce new levels of advancement in Zoller hardware and software, with one unwavering aim- Precision, Performance, Perfected- Zoller strive to improve your manufacturing processes so that your product performance is optimal. ZOLLER allows for ease of expansion on a modular basis, presetting and measurement solutions are easily integrated into existing manufacturing operations and can be supplemented by further additional ZOLLER systems to increase capability, production volume and efficiency in the future. This fit-for-future approach enables room for growth dependent on future requirements, affording you investment security.
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