Liquid Tool is more than just a coolant

Liquid Tool Concept

Blaser Swisslube’s goal is to optimise its customer’s manufacturing processes with the liquid tool and to improve their economic efficiency, productivity and machining process. These are the factors that depend on the choice of metal working fluid and the competence of the partner. Blaser Swisslube committed to grow with customers who have a holistic view of manufacturing process which helps to increase their competitiveness and provide them with comprehensive solutions rather than merely products. They fully exploit the potential of machines and tools by using the right coolant to become a Liquid Tool.
The Liquid Tool saves time and money

For over 80 years our products have benefited customers with decisive Blaser Swisslube

There are few essential benefits in machining a customer can get from Liquid Tool. Persistently high work piece quality, 21% lower production cost, 80% less rejects, 72% lower cutting fluids costs, greater productivity, as well as longer tool life and increase process of production. The right Blaser cutting fluid costs only about 0.5% of production costs per workpiece, but reduces up to 99.5% of our customer’s production cost.
With technology center at Blaser Swisslube global head quarter in Switzerland, they are persistently trying to explore the greater possibilities by carrying out stringent tests. It includes surface quality of components, tool wear patterns and high cutting parameters. Blaser Swisslube has been conducted hundreds of cases studies at customers’ places and witness the improvement where investment by customers in Liquid Tool generated valuable returns on their investments.
Humans and Environment Care

We have always strived for optimal machining solutions that also take care of humans and the environment. We set the highest standards for the quality of our products, the skills of our employees, and the dependability of our services. by Blaser Swisslube

Ever since Blaser Swisslube found in 1936, they have focused not only on market needs, but also on optimal product compatibility with humans and the environment. Blaser Swisslube developed Blasocut – Bio Concept, a water-miscible metal working fluid, which works in harmony with nature.

Blasocut metalworking fluids that last for years without bactericides have been a Blaser Swisslube strength for more than 40 years to maximize workplace safety, and conservation of the environment. Their sophisticated formulation promotes a naturally robust microbiological equilibrium that ensures long emulsion life  which one of the safest formulation in the world for human health and environment.

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