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Our Mission is Provides Solutions For Challenges As The Leading Technology Transfer Hub Toward Future Sustainable Development.
Our Vision is To Be The Leading Machining Solution Provider In The Region.

Headquarter in Johor Bahru


Sumitec Sdn Bhd Penang Branch


An associate company in Central of Malaysia

One Milestone Was Achieved And Yet There Will Always Another One Waiting To Be Crossed. This Year, Sumitec Has A Brand-New Image With The Vision Of “To Be The Leading Machining Solution Provider In The Region” Which Marks Another Year Of Excellence In SumiTec’s Journey.

“We Solve Your Challenges” SumiTec Committed To Offer Customers With Focussolution To Overcome Today’s Challenges. We Customise Our Services To Provide Effective Solution And Professional Customer Support That Meets Customers’ Requirement.

Furthermore, Sense Of Innovative Is Important To Increase The Perceived Value To The Customers And Markets. We Keep Improving Business Processes To Enhance Efficiency, Productivity And To Enable The Business To Extend The Quality Of Existing Products And Services. In Year 2017, SumiTec Proud To Announce The Setup Of S’tec (SumiTec Technical Engineering Centre) Which Serves As A Platform To Increase Knowledge And Skills For Our Customers And Employees. SumiTec Acquired Their First Equipment Which Was One Unit Of CNC Milling Machine That Equipped With Various Appliances And Tools Management Solutions System. With This Machinery  Equipment Available In-House, SumiTec Provides Customers With Products Test Cutting, Products Demonstration, Machine Demonstration And Technical Consultation. As Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority, Hence SumiTec Places Great Emphasis On Providing The Most Effective Solution For Every Customer’s Challenges.

We Will Keep Moving Forward To Growth And All The SumiTec Team Members Will keep Updating Their New Product Knowledges From Time To Time And Provide The Best Information To Our Valued Customers. Success Will Be Measured When Our Customers Choose Us Because Of The Believe In Our Ability To Meet Or Exceed Their Expectation Of Price, Service And Expertise.

Their[our?] Consistent And Proven High Technology Comprehensive Range Of Metal Cutting Tools, Tools Accessories, And Engineering Equipments Have Assisted Many Companies To Improve Their Overall Productivity.

Lastly, Our Appreciation And Acknowledgement Go Out To Our Loyalty Customers For Their Continued Support And SumiTec Will Always Strive To Improve The Services To Ensure Customers’ Satisfaction For Upcoming Challenging Years To Come.