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An efficient manufacturing process requires good machine selection, proper cutting tools and the right workholding. The first two areas typically receive substantial consideration, but workholding is often overlooked. The correct workholding selection can increase manufacturing process stability, efficiency and safety.

As a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative products for the machining industry Lang Technik is your first choice in workholding systems for your milling operations.  They offer workholding solutions that fit all of your challenging clamping tasks – from raw material to finished product. As a foundation, along with a variety of clamping devices they offer their original stamping technology, highly flexible and modular zero-point systems and smart automation solutions.

Workholding requirements can be affected by many factors, including the material being cut, critical tolerance requirements, workpiece shape and dimensions, and frequency of change-over. High volume machining has a different set of requirements than those for a job shop, with closer attention to consistent quality over longer periods of time. Quick-change is often the solution for shorter runs. An unquestionably important but relatively unacknowledged aspect of the manufacturing process is the workholding fixtures used to keep a part in place as the part goes through the various levels of production.


Unbeatable in 5-sided Manufacturing

From raw material to finished product – A fitting solution for all challenging clamping tasks

With its compact build, the 5-Axis Vice has ideal workpiece accessibility. In addition, this clamping package is completed with (multiple) clamping systems for profile and round parts (Avanti, Profile Clamping Vice, Ino-Grip chuck), along with the Vario precision Vice for the machining of the  6th side. External pre-stamping enables a workpiece to be held reliably in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice with low clamping pressure. Deformation and distortion of the material during clamping are therefore excluded and ewar on the clamping device is reduced to a minimum. Its compact design and the use of form-closure technology make the 5-Axis Vice ideal for 5-side manufacturing with low actualion forces through form-closure clamping.

Makro•Grip® – “The Original”

The original form-closure technology providing highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide

The Stamping Technology, also called pre-stamping, is a technology specifically developed by LANG where the workpiece is stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of pressure, before being clamped in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice. Clamping scenarios that require high holding power, but where the danger of workpiece deformation exists, can be mastered with the stamping process. For 5-sided machining, where optimal accessibility has to be achieved, stamping technology in connection with the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice is almost predestined and the very best the market has to offer.

  • Benchmark in 5-axis machining for the last 15 years
  • External stamping of workpieces with up to 20t  pressure
  • Stamping of materials up to 45 HRC
  • Minimal preparatory work required
  • Tremendous material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements

Grip The Future With Lang

Why Automation?

Stronger competition, cost pressures and shortage of skilled labor are challenges companies are faced with nowadays. This is why a reasonable degree of automation seems to be mandatory, in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Automation systems by LANG cover every need from single part or large-scale production. They are flexible, uncomplicated and offer best value for money. This makes them appealing for SME’s and for those just starting out.

Efficiency, speed and flexibility

RoboTrex combines all these attributes and prepares your manufacturing for future tasks!

Off-line loading of trolleys

Trolleys are prepared off-line without interrupting the machining cycle. Vises don’t even have to be removed from the trolley to be equipped with workpieces.

Flexible and movable storage

Trolleys are not bound to a specific Robo Trex, but usable throughout the entire production area. For quality control or other tasks, trolleys can be removed even during operation. An easy and unrestriced access to all vises is guaranteed.

Ideal storage capacity / required space ratio

Patented, angled mounting of vises ensures maximum utilization of space and best accessibility when exchanging workpieces.

No additional utilities necessary

Actuation of the zero-point system can be done either mechanically by the robot or pneumatically by the machine tool or an external interface.

Quick loading of automation system

Trolleys are exchanged within just a few seconds.

Easiest operation

Training is kept to a minimum thanks to a pre-adjusted and pre-programmed robot with a simple, user friendly control.

Increased Machining Hours For More Productivity

With Lang Technik Robotrex Automation, automation trolleys are equipped with vises off-line and location-independently. Within just a few seconds the automation system is fed with fresh trolleys and ready to machine a new batch.

As this is just a simple operation , hence no knowledge about robots and skilled labours required.  All you need is only minimum training expenses for the Robotrex. Furthermore, it works with almost any machine tool. Thanks to simple communication between automation and machine tool, the installation of the RoboTrex system, which is delivered in a ready-to-operate state, is very simple and hardly time-consuming. As a result, downtimes of the machine tool can be avoided almost completely.

Workholding and Automation – all from one source. With a proven, perfectly matching package of workholding, zero-point clamping and automation, in combination with the original stamping technology, we help you optimize your manufacturing processes and ideally exploit manufacturing capacities



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