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Skiving Solutions Faster Than Gear Shaping

This method for producing larger modules offers the benefit of a shorter machining time, especially for internal gear teeth. When it comes to gear skiving of larger modules, large and rigid milling and turning centres are required that facilitate accurate synchronisation between workpiece rotation and cutting tool movement. Thanks to its experience with small solid carbide gear skiving tools, Horn can now apply this expertise to cover larger modules.

The tool system is based on the cutting insert type S117. The patented insert seat of the single-edged tool ensures precise clamping and positioning for high rigidity of the system as a whole with precise repeatability. The ground chipbreaker form and the direct threaded connection of the inserts enable very effective chip removal from the machining zone.


Versatile Application With HP Geometry

The new HP geometry is suitable for drilling, boring, face turning and skimming. With this, Horn is offering a multi-functional tool for multiple applications. The new cutting geometry enables higher cutting parameters including infeed rates. When boring, this results in an accurate 90-degree shoulder at the base. The trailing cutting edge (wiper geometry) produces high surface qualities, even at high feed rates. In addition to turning operations, the system is also suitable for drilling into solid material in diameters ranging from 3 mm (0.118″) to 7 mm (0.276″).

The performance data of the tool cannot compete with normal drills, but there is often a lack of locations for tools in a machine. The Supermini HP offers the option of immediately boring an inner contour after drilling, without needing to change the tool. With the single-edged version, various bore diameters can be produced using a single tool. Horn provides tools for optimum chip control with and without a chipbreaker. For turning, the variant with a chipbreaker is recommended. The chipbreaker version is not used for drilling. The slightly twisted flute removes chips from the machining zone. The EG35 tool coating allows versatile machining of  both normal and stainless steels. As well as the new geometries, Horn has developed a new holder system for the Supermini type 105.

High Accuracy and Surface Quality

Horn has developed a new toolholder for its Supermini type 105 grooving and boring tools. In the new design, the process for clamping the carbide insert uses a tensioning wedge on the face rather than the circumference of the tool, as was previously the case. This enables the insert to be held in place with more force, which in turn makes the entire system more rigid. Additionally, the new clamping design results in a higher level of repeatability when changing inserts and allows better use to be made of the space available for mounting it thanks to the face clamping concept. This is a significant advantage when working with Swiss-type lathes, as it enables users to change the insert without removing the toolholder.

The Horn Supermini tool system is able to bore holes from 0.2 mm to 8 mm in diameter. With over 1,500 varieties available as standard, there is a solution to suit every user. In addition to boring, the system is designed for grooving, chamfering, threading, broaching and other machining operations. The cutting geometries and the substrates can both be adapted to the materials being machined.


Expansion for 90° shoulder mill and new insert grades

Horn is continually developing the M610 tangential milling system. In addition to the side milling cutter, the range is being extended to include a 90-degree shoulder mill and new carbide grades. The patented tool system ensures a soft cut with positive radial and axial rake angles.

The precision-ground indexable inserts provide six usable cutting edges for high accuracy and high surface quality. The additional flank chamfer ensures a stable wedge angle and very smooth milling. Furthermore, a special surface treatment protects the tool body against abrasive chips. The six cutting edges per indexable insert mean low cost

per edge. Horn provides inserts with substrates AS46, IG35 and NE2B in right and left hand versions as well as with corner radii of 0.4 mm (0.0157″) or 0.8 mm (0.0315″) for machining different materials. The maximum cutting depth is ap = 9.9 mm (0.389″). The tool bodies are available in the following cutting diameters: 50 mm (1.969″) (z = 5), 63 mm (2.480″) (z = 6), 80 mm  (3.149″) (z = 8), 100 mm  (3.149″) (z = 10) and 125 mm (4.921″) (z = 12).


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