Maintenance Awareness

Back to Work ?!

We are prepared. How about your machine? Here are some useful information and knowledge for you.






1. What are the preventive maintenances should always be done to take good care of your coolant and machine? 

  • Remove tramp oil
  • Remove chips
  • Daily top up
  • Flush the coolants for at least 30 minutes a day to stay active.
  • Leave your machine door open, to avoid coolant vapor stain in machines.

2. What are the negative consequences if coolant stays stationary state in the sump tank for a long      period of time?

  • Machine will have corrosion issue such as rusty, staining and etc.
  • A strong impact on the machining performance such as surface finishing and shorten tool life.
  • Influence of human compatibility such as skin irritation, odor and etc.

3. What should you do for coolant after back to work?

  • Check the parameters of your coolant with refractometer and pH paper.
  • Make sure your coolant had maintained at the desire parameters.
  • Changeover to a fresh coolant to make sure your machining performance is at the best state.

Why Blaser?

Blaser Swisslube – a Switzerland product, one of the best Metal Cutting Fluid ever exist in the industries for more than 80 years. Blaser is a premium product which brings the benefit of ROI (Return of Investment) by prolong tool life, reduce machining cycle time which makes you produce more parts compare to the other metal cutting fluid. This is because Blaser contains a lots of friction control additives that reduce frictional force during machining.

Our Commitment

SumiTec – as a Blaser’s business partner, we promise to provide SITD (Service In The Drum) to Blaser user which is free of charge. The services include;-

  • Demo proper procedure on coolant changeover for the first time.
  • Train your appointed coolant champion for the proper procedure of coolant changeover as well as the coolant maintenance.
  • Check your coolant parameters frequently.
  • Provide professional advice on metal cutting fluid.

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